Football Docs Innovation World Cup

Fútbol Doctors Network (FDN) is inviting all innovators developing products and services with applications to sports medicine to the Innovation World Cup – a competition to award select businesses for remarkable progress in the improvement of player health.

Fútbol Doctors Network optimizes all aspects of player care by providing unrivaled access to the leading doctors of European football and American sports teams. This distinguished group comes from AC Milan, AS Monaco, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, SL Benfica, Club Atlético de Madrid, Crystal Palace FC, FC Utrecht, Manchester United FC, Olympique de Marseille and Real Madrid CF. It is further supported by the Head Team Physicians of the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Lakers, among others. FDN can help companies by leveraging their extensive experience, knowledge, and innovation networks in sports medicine. From diagnosing injuries to developing cutting-edge recovery techniques, these doctors play an integral role in the optimization of player performance and protection of player health.

Who should apply?

  • Companies or startups with innovative products or solutions relevant to enhancing athlete performance and well-being.
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs advancing technologies or services with applications to sports medicine areas including:

    Submission categories are:

Injury Prevention
Performance Optimization
Diagnostics / Monitoring
Regeneration / Sleep


Mental Health
“Retired Pro”
Data Management

How it works
Visit the Football Docs Innovation World Cup® to learn more about the submission categories, registration details, and important dates.

Submission deadline: Friday, 15th December 2023, 23:59 CET. Upon registration and completion of the online application form, content is automatically saved and can be modified without limit until the deadline.

By participating in the Football Docs Innovation World Cup*, you can enjoy the following benefits:


  • Trials. The exclusive opportunity to undergo trials conducted by one or more prominent
    football clubs, providing a remarkable chance to showcase their innovations.
  • Will be awarded a prestigious FDN Award of Excellence , highlighting their exceptional and groundbreaking contributions to the field of football medicine
  • Marketing Materials. Announcement of this award and usage of the FDN brand name in your marketing materials (see more below)
  • Website Featuring. Placement on FDN Website and the IWC Hall of Fame

Runners Up

  • In acknowledgment of their exceptional achievements, we will be presenting each of the runners-up with a Certificate of Honorable Distinction. This certificate serves as a testament to their remarkable contributions and stands as a symbol of our admiration for their
    dedication to the field of sports medicine.
  • Marketing Materials. Announcement of this award in your marketing materials (see more below)
  • Website Featuring. Placement on FDN Web-Site and the IWC Hall of Fame (see more below)

Each Contestant

  • Will have the option to gain valuable recognition and will be honored with a Certificate of Appreciation.

To inspire future generations and celebrate the accomplishments of these innovators, the winners and runners-up:

  • Are permitted to use in their marketing materials, for a period of one year, their Award of Excellence or Certificate of Honorable Distinction by Fútbol Doctors Network . You can plan the announcement of your award — both internally with employees, board members, and shareholders, and externally with suppliers, vendors, and the public. Customer and employee engagement with your announcement can be one of the most rewarding aspects of the process.
  • Will be prominently featured on the FDN website and IWC Hall of Fame, amplifying their impact and elevating sports medicine standards across the continent.


*Participants should be aware that there will be a cost of 990 EURO associated with the application and certification from FDN with the appropriate awards and certificates.